Take your camera with you everywhere

Rushing to the barber shop (dramatization)Rushing to the barber shop (dramatization)

Cheesy title, this has been said a million times before. But it’s true. And here’s another example why. Took a day off. Planned getting up early & catch the friday morning light. Didn’t make it. I failed so hard I was late for my 11:00 barber shop appointment. On the way rushing there I saw one of St. Paulis oldest bars (read: beer places) getting trashed. Vanity or photography? Didn’t dare to mess with my hairdresser, I drove by wondering what’s happening. On my way back I intentionally went for lunch right next to that pub & when I ordered lunch a construction worker sat in the bright light contrasting the dark shadows of the former pub. I left my table, introduced myself & a little photo session evolved. Thought about Stefan who describes his camera as a key. It really is, if you push yourself using it in that way. So, fresh haircut, great little session in front of and inside the pub leftovers, lunch in the sun. Except for the lunch place waiter who put me on her death list for just leaving in the middle of eating everything turned out just fine… Even if 99,9% of the time you have your camera with you nothing will happen, the 0,1 % will make it worth carrying the rest of the time.

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