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Sony RX1R II on the road or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Business Trip

Figuring out how to do the kind of work I am currently doing and still find the opportunities for quality time with family, friends & photography. Spending a little more time on the road than I am used to, my little Sony RX1R II is a constant companion. Still, I have to find a way to incorporate opportunities to use it in my travel schedule. So I started following the advise of an expert. One of the first lessons: use your business trip to do something non-business-related: arrive a little earlier, stay a little longer, meet friends, explore a city.

Sony RX1R II sample image

Playing around with some analog gear

So I checked if Christine & Stefan have some time when I came back from the coastline through Hamburg. Chatting about how life’s treating us, of course it did not took too long until some cameras were put in front of each other. Interestingly enough, these two fellas here use big bulky pro grade DSLRs in their day job. Either in the trenches of football stadiums or pursuing the task of making beauty & fashion photography with a twist.

Sony RX1R II sample image

Christine using R2 for dueling Stefan who took her little Canon.

On our table we found a tiny analog Canon SLR, a small Mamiya analog medium format camera and the little friend that accompanies me currently, the tiny Sony RX1R II – or “R2” how I started calling her. Reference to a little robot intended.

Sony RX1R II sample images

Somehow even me made it on my camera’s sensor. Thanks Stefan.

That was a great way to start the week. I managed to end the week in this spirit by some writing, inspired by a situation where I thought: “Darn, why didn’t I take a picture of this?”. So I wrote it down.

Sony RX1R II sample image

Flow caused makeshift writing table using my laptop. Perfect size for it by the way.

This is going to be a blog post using an image from the archives. It’s an experiment, but it totally put me into a situation of flow. I boarded a flight, sat down, put some tunes on the headphones and started jotting down my thoughts in a notebook. The next thing I realize is the stewardess asking me to put up the table since we’re landing already. Thanks Victor for being my advisor & making better use of my travels.

P.S.: I wondered what the wifi feature of Sony RX1R II is supposed to be good for. I really enjoy being able to pull the images from the camera to the phone and use a little processing. The images I used here are out of camera JPGs that I processed on the iPhone using Photoshop Express for iOS. Apart from the color temperature, nothing to worry about for online usage I would say.

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