Sometimes the pictures find you


A photograph is not created by a photographer.


What they do is just open a little window and capture it.


The world then writes itself on the film.


The act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing.


 They are the readers of the world.

I lend these words from Magnum photographer Ferdinando Scianna. I never really thought about posting this mini series, but meeting fellow photo addict Sabine Scheller lately did not only lead to another one of those “always have your camera with you” incidents, but to the idea of publishing these little gems, too. The story behind these photographs: I sit in a Berlin cafe waiting for Lasse Kusk, another fellow photo head. I am fascinated by the lights & the ceiling and snap some frames away. Shortly after Lasse arrives, I see the first man with a kilt walking in. Then another one. And a third one, and so on, until the whole group of over half a dozen guys in kilts was waiting at the counter. I give Lasse a look, and he instantly knows what this is about. “Go for it!”. I approach the group, check ‘who’s in charge’ and we have a chat agreeing on taking some pictures. I just follow the flow of the group, capture sights that I find are interesting. Roundabout thirty minutes until they leave for the next venue. Editing the pictures I go with Jonas Bendiksen’s advice of editing for the story, not the look. And there you go –  sometimes the pictures find you, you just have to have a camera with you to capture them.

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