The Twelve Project – January ’15

Seeing Joel Meyerowitz posting a photograph and accompanying thought daily inspired me – although the sheer number of 365 posts made me hesitate a little, as I wrote on Facebook:

After a short moment of hubris I decided that 365 is too much for me. Thinking about it, twelve could be a suitable number… perhaps I should do this not daily, but monthly?

So – let’s do this, monthly! I edited my January crop and I’m already seeing a tendency concerning my new year’s resolution not to use so much film this year. Spoiler: it’s not working too well. If you’re missing street photography here a little, that’s due to the short days that prevent my camera from seeing too much daylight currently. If you’re wondering how I can put these images in a sequence like this – I wouldn’t have dared to either some weeks ago. This, I blame on Jonas Bendiksen and his mind blowing Magnum Masterclass workshop I was lucky enough to attend last year.

So, the single photograph I pick for January is this one:

The Twelve Project, 2015/01

Berlin, Germany, 2015 | Licensed under CC BY-SA Sven Kraeuter,

If you read this far – thanks! I’m highly interested in your thoughts about The Twelve Project, my January crop & how you like Joel’s 365 project, if we want to call it so.

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