Photographic Duet #1: Verda Sigura

What is a photographic duet? How does it work? Can you tell? I Can’t tell. Yet. Somehow these two pictures found each other. They would make a good match. On a photo book’s spread, let’s say. That’s one aspect a photographic duet can be about. Photographs that correlate. Obviously. Impalpably. Both.

Photographic Duet Verda Sigura

Verda Sigura

Photographic Duet Sven Kräuter

Sven Kräuter

How do the pictures find each other? Who chooses them? Will there be more of them? Again, can’t really say. The pictures have to find each other. These pictures found each other. On Instagram, maybe there is more. Maybe there is not. The only thing that is for sure: you can find Verda there.

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